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Now more than ever, businesses turn to Express Personnel Services for comprehensive strategic staffing solutions. They trust us, and our 20 years of experience in the international staffing industry, to fully evaluate their business situation and determine their specific needs.

Traditional Temporary/Contract Staffing helps to ensure quality work will continue to be produced while a core employee is out on vacation or sick leave and saves the client the overtime premium that would be paid to another core employee for handling the duties of the absent worker. Temporary Staffing is also beneficial for special projects.

Flexible Staffing enables the client to have a smaller number of full-time employees and hire flexible staffers during peak productivity times, thus allowing labor costs to become variable rather than fixed.

Evaluation Hire saves the client both the time and money spent for advertising, recruiting, interviewing, etc. The client is also assured of an employee who is qualified and well-suited for the position. This process allows both the client and the associate to evaluate the suitability of the match prior to making a commitment.

Direct Hire saves the client the time and cost of extensive recruiting. Clients increase productivity and quality by allowing Express to provide highly qualified individuals that have been carefully selected and are pre-qualified.

On-Premise Systems (OPS) allows for the administration of your company's entire flexible workforce or assumption of any level of on-site management responsibility that your workforce demands.